Workplace Thoughts

There is some interesting research on worker engagement as reported by HR Dive. There is a clear correlation between a drop in engagement and the time before an employee quits. Unsurprisingly, quality managers, challenging work, and rewards for performance all enhance retention. Further emphasizing the importance of providing workplace engagement is a recent survey from … Continue reading Workplace Thoughts

Northern NJ – Q1 2019 Market Update

Colliers terrific research team has finished their comprehensive report on Northern New Jersey's Office Market. Here are the highlights:Bright spots remain despite setbacks. Leasing was robust, led by the life sciences industry, which accounted for 28% of total leasing volume. This activity was dampened, however as several large blocks of available space were added to … Continue reading Northern NJ – Q1 2019 Market Update

Own your shot

I'm coaching youth basketball and we're teaching the kids to own their shot. Know where they can make it, know where they need work, and be accountable for making good decisions when you take the shot. The same thing is true in business.

How are you using your financial resources? "Around the world, increases in wealth have produced an unintended consequence: a rising sense of time scarcity. We provide evidence that using money to buy time can provide a buffer against this time famine, thereby promoting happiness. Using large, diverse samples from the United States, Canada, Denmark, and The Netherlands (n = 6,271), we … Continue reading How are you using your financial resources?