Add Some Value

I try to add a little value to every post so that my friends, clients, and prospects all come away with a little more knowledge or something thought-provoking that they can use. My hope is that when they see something from me, they think “That’s valuable.”

I don’t want to to be transactional, and I certainly don’t want it to be an advertisement. While I want people to think of me when they need a new office location, I want the information I share to be independent of their decision about which real estate provider to select (or maybe that they choose to handle it themselves?)

To that end, I just got the latest issue of Uncommon Path in the mail today. And flipping though it, REI does a great job of hitting the Value-Add message. It’s mostly a magazine with a little bit of catalog sprinkled in. This issue has interesting articles, great pictures, and a smattering of gear reviews. Nothing in the magazine screams “Come to REI and go shopping!”

So rather than just another catalog that’s going to end up in the recycling bin, this will sit around for a little bit.

I can only hope that my emails to clients and friends stick around as well, offering value and maybe a reminder that I’m available to help them with their office requirements.

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