Work/Life Balance

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It’s a buzzword that we’ve heard a lot about over the past few years and is clearly a trend that is going to continue. So much that the Gallop 2017 State of The American Workforce survey shows:

“53% of employees say a role that allows them to have greater work-life balance and better personal well-being is “very important” to them” while “41% of employees say a significant increase in income is “very important” to them when considering a new job.”

People are weighing the opportunity for higher pay versus balancing their work and personal responsibility. Balance is winning.

It’s critical that employers consider these factors when working through the real estate process. Does their facility show that the company is sympathetic to these needs? Does the facility offer easy access to shopping and services? Are there a variety of transportation options available? Does the facility offer space to disengage from work for a little while to exercise, relax, or otherwise get away for a few minutes? While space usage and design are only part of the equation, creating an engaging and thoughtful workplace can help create “stickiness” among current employees be a strong recruiting tool for attracting top talent.

The competition for quality staff is fierce and only going to intensify. Population trends show that there is just over a 1:1 replacement as boomers retire and are replaced by millennials. Losing quality people because you’re not sensitive to what modern workers are looking for is foolish and short-sighted.

Today’s employees want engagement, fulfillment, and meaning in their work. It’s important for managers to understand how employee needs are changing and pivot their styles to meet these needs. Designing a facility that helps employees create their own best work environment will help create that sense of balance in their lives.

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