Success and a singular focus

I’m reading a biography of Warren Buffett and there are two things that jump out at me about Buffett, aside from his prodigious intellect, of course.

One is how hard he works at cultivating relationships. He actively identifies people he wants to befriend and then works hard to bring them into his orbit. There are frequent references in the book to his phone conversations and travel to connect with friends and business associates.

The other is his singular focus on accomplishing his goal, which is making money. Everything he does, every action he takes, is with the purpose of achieving his goals. He does the boring, tedious stuff, and doesn’t get caught up with all the glitz, glamour, or distractions that come along.

This is true of all business, whether it’s running a Fortune 500 business or building a career in the art world (just ask my brother.) Its all about an obsessive focus on your goals combined with deep personal relationships.

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