Building Signage

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We are discussing signage options for a large client and I thought this might be a good opportunity to review the various options that are available to tenants as they consider a branding strategy as part of a lease renewal or relocation. While signage has been popular in certain geographies, it has only recently been embraced by landlords here in New Jersey.

There are a few different options when considering signage.

First is “facade” signage. The tenant has the option to display their company name and logo on the side of the building structure itself. The advantage is that the tenant has the opportunity to brand the building as the “ABC Corporation” building and raise awareness of their brand among people passing. This is typically reserved for the largest (or occasionally two largest) tenants in a building.

Second is “stanchion” signage. This is much less common, but can be equally effective at branding the building. Rather than placing the tenant’s name and logo on the side of the building, it is mounted on the ground at road level. Once again, reserved for the largest tenant in the building.

Third is monument signage, which usually includes a roster of all major tenants in the building. It’s basically a building directory at street level. There is little opportunity for brand differentiation among the tenants, but it is a way for smaller tenants to raise their visibility.

Typically, the first two options are done at the tenant’s expense, and must be removed by the tenant at the end of the lease term. Monument signage may be an amenity provided by the landlord, or the cost may be borne by the tenant.

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