Good reads – CRE news from the week of March 3


The Star Ledger has an article about the February jobs report and related economic data, which increased from a five year low. “Employers added more workers than projected in February, indicating the U.S. economy is starting to bounce back from a weather-induced setback.” The overall economy has positive signals for the future, including hiring in the private sector an an uptick in consumer spending.

There were two articles this week about how traditional commercial space is being re-purposed as demand changes.  The New York Times has an article about how abandoned hospital buildings are being purchased by developers and turned into “Health Care Malls” and Inc. has an article about the increase in co-working spaces across the country.

Star Ledger: 175K jobs added but unemployment rate rises to 6.7 percent

NYTimes: Repurposing Closed Hospitals as For-Profit Medical Malls

Inc. Number of Coworking Spaces has Skyrocketed in the US

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