good Reads – CRE News from the week of February 16

I’m not sure if it’s because of all the nasty weather we’ve been having or just a slow week, but there wasn’t much corporate real estate news to report over the past week.

The Star Ledger had some good photos of the old Pansonic facility getting demolished. It sounds like they are doing all they can to recycle as much of the building as possible. Perhaps some of those materials will end up in new LEED certified buildings in the future?

While not a local story, the Washington Times had a piece talking about how a watchdog group was concerned about the USPS’s broker may be conflicted as they represent both the lessee (USPS) and potential landlords.

Business Insider covered Gallup’s annual survey of the happiest states in America. New Jersey has moved up 10 spaces to 23, from last year, cracking the top half. Now there’s something to be happy about!

Star Ledger:PHOTOS: Former Panasonic headquarters in Secaucus being torn down

Washington Times: REPORT: Outsourcing Real Estate Puts USPS at risk

Business Insider: The Happiest States in America 

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