Good reads – CRE news from the week of February 3, 2014


Al Jazerra America reports that “Rising prices and a boom in office construction are key indicators that the economy is growing,” a narrative that was reinforced by a story in covering a recent statement suggesting optimism from the president of ArcelorMittal, who expects steel use in the US to grow.

The New York Times reports that bank branches are getting smaller, another in a long string of stories about how technology is reshaping the way people use corporate and commercial real estate.

The Bergen Record covered a story about The Hampshire Companies acquiring a large property in New Jersey. While office space may not be a hot commodity right now, clearly industrial space is still a target for investors.

And on the lighter side, it’s impressive to see what a creative architect can do with a 425 square foot loft in New York!

AlJazeera America: Commercial Real Estate Prices Surging ArcelorMittal nominates “cautious optimism” as the theme of 2014

 The New York Times: With Technology’s Aid, Banks Squeeze Their Branches Into Smaller Locations

The Bergen Record: The Hampshire Cos. buys 200,000 square feet of industrial space in Saddle Brook


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