The future of space?

I recently finished a project for a technology services client. When we started discussing layout and space requirements, I was surprised to hear just how dense the operation was going to be.

This tech firm was planning to operate at 155 square feet per person. And I just heard a similar plan coming from a professional services client. They are planning to take 165 square feet per person. 

These are not two isolated stories. I just spoke with a broker that represents a building in Northern New Jersey. He was discussing a large law firm that is planning to downsize and take 33% less space, but have the same number of attorneys. I had a similar conversation with a friend about the plans for his company. They are moving to open layouts, shared desks, and denser configurations.

Companies are looking at ways to make space more efficient, eliminate excess overhead, and improve flexibility. Employees are working in open environments and there is frequent desk sharing. Private offices are disappearing and communal space is being created. Office space isn’t disappearing, but the way people use it is changing.

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