Good reads – CRE news from the week of January 13, 2014


Some interesting news about the wealth of the state, despite persistently high unemployment. According to an article in the Star Ledger, “New Jersey has the second-highest percentage of households worth at least $1 million in the country.” (I guess the article I posted in last week’s news run-down about all of the people leaving New Jersey is referring to mostly low wage workers?)

National Real Estate Investor reports that pendulum of negotiating power is swinging back towards the landlord’s favor, while the Wall Street Journal reports that Newark’s office market is struggling to gain momentum.

Booz & Co has some interesting thoughts on what employers need to think about as the telecommuting trend continues and how it impacts the bottom line.

Star Ledger: N.J. has 2nd-highest percentage of households worth $1 million or more, study says

Strategy+Business: Five Essential Elements of the Digital Workplace

Wall Street Journal: A Sign of Newark’s Uneven Recovery

National Real Estate Investor: Landlords Snatch the Office Reins for 2014

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